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Neighborhoods of Newburgh

With a suburban rural mix feel and highly rated public schools, Newburgh is one of the best places to live in Indiana. The current population is 3,253.

You should consider relocating to Newburgh! This suburb of Evansville, Indiana is the perfect place for anyone looking for great schools, several churches, parks and recreation areas, excellent government services like police and fire protection as well as close proximity to Evansville. There’s never been an easier time than now! With a population of 32,000+ people living in over 15,000 households that covers almost 48 sq miles in this community you have plenty of room to grow with your family.

Historically, about 700 homes turn over year after year.

“The housing market in Newburgh, Indiana is booming! 759 homes have sold for the sales period 9/1/20-8/31/21 compared to 661 during the previous 12 months. 

The median sales price also increased 19.5% to $257,000 with an average sale price of $303,078 a 16% increase. The median number of days on market (DOM) for homes is 3 and 15 being average.”

Newburgh’s zip codes are 47630 and, for P.O Boxes, 47629.  The area code for most of southern Indiana is (812). Newburgh, located in the southwestern region of Indiana, in Ohio township, is in Warrick County.
Warrick County is situated between the Kentucky border and Vanderburgh County. With a shoreline of approximately 10 miles on the Ohio River, Warrick borders Gibson, Pike, and Dubois Counties to its north with Little Pigeon Creek separating much of its eastern portion from Spencer County to the east. Evansville’s metropolitan area lies just west of Warrick County.
Newburgh Schools are part of the Warrick County School Corporation which, in addition to Newburgh and the county seat Boonville, also serves smaller towns that include Chandler, Elberfeld, Lynnville, and Tennyson with a total of 17 schools, 10,211 enrolled students, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 17:1.

Newburgh Schools

When you are looking for a home in Newburgh, it is important to know that there are four elementary schools. These include Newburgh Elementary and Sharon Elementary which feed into Castle South Middle School and John H Castle and Yankee-town Elementary which are the feeder schools for Castle North Middle School.  Both middle schools feed into Castle High School. All of these local public schools have received an “A” rating by the Indiana Department of Education.

Newburgh schools are known for their excellent academic, sport, art, and music programs as well as each school’s extracurricular activities.

Students with a variety of disabilities are given help. They get services in the form of hearing, speech, and language therapy as well behavior management, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for example. The schools also provide special transportation for students who need it.

Castle North Middle School Newburgh IN

Castle North Middle School

The Castle North Middle School is the cornerstone of education and a symbol to its community’s heritage. The school sits on 49 acres between two cities, Chandler and Newburgh in Paradise; it has 905 students with 6 grades, 19 sports teams, 38 teachers who are excellent at their jobs (and 22 clubs for students).

Castle South Middle School Newburgh IN

Castle South Middle School

Castle South Middle School is a school located in Newburgh, Indiana and was founded by Ohio Township. This township has been one of the fastest-growing townships for many years now with 720 current enrollees at Castle South Middle School. There are 15 academic subjects and 16 clubs & sports offered to students as well as 38 excellent teachers who can help you excel academically while having fun doing so!

Castle Elementary Newburgh IN

John H Castle Elementary School

John H. Castle Elementary is a school that has been around for several decades with an emphasis on academic excellence and family values. It houses 975 current enrollees, 6 grade levels, 43 excellent teachers and 3 computer labs in the central part of Ohio Township in Warrick County’s southwestern section; originally it was K-8 but now only contains grades kindergarten through fifth because they are feeder schools to North Middle School as well as High School which both have great reputations themselves!

Sharon Elementary School Newburgh IN

Sharon Elementary School

Sharon Elementary School is located on an 18-acre facility site that also includes a track, soccer field, baseball field, playground and adequate parking for all school events. The school services a full day kindergarten program through fifth grade. There are currently 750 enrollees and 67 staff members.

Newburgh Elementary Newburgh IN

Newburgh Elementary School

Located at the corner of State and Gray Streets, Newburgh Elementary has a seven acres property that includes 30 classrooms. The school currently enrolls 665 students in six different grades with 28 teachers on staff.

Yankeetown Elementary Newburgh IN

Yankeetown Elementary School

Yankeetown Elementary School strives to bring its students the best education possible. Each year, 380 children enroll in Yankeetown’s six grade levels in a 20-acre campus. and 15 excellent teachers keep their eyes on each student as they grow up with them during these formative years of their life.

Castle High School Newburgh IN

Castle High School

Castle High School is a 92 acre campus, situated on the busy highway 261. It has 1,938 current enrollees and offers 19 AP courses along with 101 excellent teachers who are always available to help students succeed in their academic careers. The 49 CHS Clubs and Teams offer an array of activities for kids at Castle including cheerleading, marching band, soccer club team and more!

With its proximity to the much larger city of Evansville, Newburgh is a residential destination for many people commuting to other areas for work. The average commute time from home to work or vice versa is 16 minutes—much shorter than the national average of 25 minutes. Additionally, 1% percent have “super commutes” that exceed 90 minutes; but, these all come from outside commuters while most residents enjoy relatively fast traveling times.

This quaint town is a center for nostalgia and historic commerce and activities. Along the riverfront, you’ll find many historic shops and small businesses, many of which are run by families that have been in the area for generations.

Newburgh Landmarks

Some of the most well-known establishments in the area include the Newburgh Country Store, Angel Mounds State Historic Site, The Exchange Hotel, Newburgh Lock and Dam, Alcoa Corporation, Old Newburgh Presbyterian Church and the Original Newburgh Historic District (both of which appear on the National Register of Historic Places), and many small, local businesses.

Newburgh Country Store

Angel Mounds State Historic Site

The Exchange Hotel

Newburgh Lock and Dam

Original Newburgh Historic District

Old Newburgh Presbyterian Church

The town of Newburgh was officially founded in 1829 by Abner Luce, which later merged with, a neighboring town, Sprinklesburgh, founded by John Sprinkle although the area had been inhabited by indigenous people, the Shawnee, as early as the 17th century.

Newburgh was one of the largest riverports in the area after being founded. Due to benefits such as great coal mining land and an incredible location along the river the area was known for its prosperity and was a common destination on the Underground Railroad. This lasted until 1850 when Newburgh became the first town north of the Mason-Dixon Line to be captured by southern Confederate forces during the American Civil War.

Newburgh’s riverfront today acts as a community area that is used for walking dogs, hosting events (such as the annual Strawberry Festival, October Ghost Walks, or the Newburgh Wine, Art, and Jazz Festival), exercising, enjoying the weather, meeting with friends, and so much more. Coupled with the extensive list of trails, parks, and playgrounds in the area, Newburgh’s entirely A-rated school system provides an excellent environment for education and acts as another feature to attract families to the area.

While Newburgh is a town with rich history, it’s also one of the only towns in Indiana to still be home to evidence from prehistoric Mississippian culture. Angel Mounds an archaeological site managed by Indiana State Museum that includes more than 600 acres of land and can date back as far as 1450 A.D., which means you’ll get access not just to some stone-age relics but pieces of historic America!

Newburgh Subdivisions

With its close proximity to the much larger Evansville, Newburgh is a residential destination for many people commuting to other areas for work. In terms of its housing, Newburgh contains a plethora of architectural styles. While many of its buildings in the historic district utilize even older styles, common residential varieties include Italianate, Greek Revival, Classical Revival, and many more.

Bellevue Newburgh IN


“Bellevue is a neighborhood in Newburgh, a town along the Ohio River located in Ohio Township, Warrick County, Indiana.”

Blue Lake Estates

“Blue Lake Estates is a neighborhood in Newburgh, a town along the Ohio River located in Ohio Township, Warrick County, Indiana.”


“Brookstone is a neighborhood in Newburgh, a town along the Ohio River located in Ohio Township, Warrick County, Indiana.”

Copper Creek

“Copper Creek is a neighborhood in Newburgh, a town along the Ohio River located in Ohio Township, Warrick County, Indiana.”

Highland Hills

“Highland Hills is a neighborhood in Newburgh, a town along the Ohio River located in Ohio Township, Warrick County, Indiana.”

Jordan Estates

“Jordan Estates is a neighborhood in Newburgh, a town along the Ohio River located in Ohio Township, Warrick County, Indiana.”

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