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Pest Control Service in Newburgh: Why Do You Need One?

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Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by hortonteam

Did you know that for the past 7 days, over three thousand people did a google search on pest control service in Newburgh, Indiana? (Latest Google Trends Results) About 1400 people also searched about termites. Thousands of people are thinking about eliminating pests in the summer up to this day (September, 2020). Whether you prefer to get a pest control service or want to do it on your own, everybody wants a pest-free home because these tiny creatures can bring with them a wide variety of health concerns.

Why you need it

Health is a big reason why we’d like to control pests in our homes. Mosquitoes, ticks, rodents, fleas, bats, and cockroaches don’t only carry allergens, they could carry diseases. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has a Healthy Housing Reference Manual that you could check online to see the list of diseases that pests may carry into our homes.
Aside from the health issues, even the smallest of pests could also potentially damage our homes. There is strength in numbers, and that is quite true with these little creatures. The worst part is, you’ll only notice it after the damage is already done. There might be another reason why light flickers in the kitchen. The wiring behind the walls might have already been chewed up. When you think it’s getting too hot or cold in the house, it might be because part of your insulation might have also been eaten away.
Dangerous colony of termites crawling on dry terrain in daylight newburgh

How often should you do it

How often do we need pest control service in Newburgh? Once a year may be enough. However, if you really want to be sure that both the internal and external part of your home is pest free, you can have it done quarterly.
We can’t get rid of them for good all at once. A change of weather could steer them back to your home. They could also be tracked in with that dirt stuck at the sole of your shoes. So, even if you do your laundry and clean the house religiously, they might still surprise you with a bite on your thigh. You might even find one hanging on your wall right now.
One interesting thing about Newburgh and its surrounding areas is the problem with termites. In this area, you either had them, have them currently, or will have them!
The point is, you will always need to take care of those pests or insects because just as the seasons repeat, the ecosystem in your house also repeats.

Pest Control Services in Newburgh

You can hire professionals to inspect every corner of your home. It’s not just about the carpet or the walls. These professionals would check from the very bottom up to the topmost part of your house. They would check the basement and look in the attic. They’d even get into small crawl spaces just to save you from infestation.

Here’s the list of what you’re looking for. Now that you’re convinced that you may need a pest control service right now, where do we find them in Newburgh?

tandg pest control

T&G Pest Control’s office moved to Evansville, but they’re still serving Newburgh and surrounding areas. Here’s what others are saying about them (Company Reviews).

pass pest control

Pass Pest Control is located at 4844 South Vann Road in Newburgh. Here’s the link to their business reviews on Google Maps (Company Review).

action pest control

Action Pest Control is technically in Evansville, but they also offer services in Newburgh and nearby Kentucky area. You can find some of their reviews on Yelp.

DIY Pest Control

pest experts inc

What if you don’t like to get a pest control service and you know you still need one? Newburgh has Pest Experts Inc that offers free classes this September. You could learn exactly what you need to eradicate those pests, damaging your wirings and insulation behind the wall, on your own! Since we’re promoting social distancing nowadays, this could be a great option for you. Here’s what people are saying about them (Company Reviews).

Other Pest Control Service in Newburgh

industrial fumigant

Industrial Fumigant Co is a pest control service exclusively for the food industry. Here’s the company’s review on Google Maps.

This blog post about pest control service in Newburgh is just one of the many ways on how you could maintain your house. If you have more ideas about house maintenance that you’d like us to write about, or if you have questions about it, feel free to send us a message on Facebook. You could also send us feedback about this post.
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